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Elk Calling Competition

Saturday, June 29th

WapitiWear will be hosting an elk calling competition at the Tyrol Basin Train To Hunt event in Mount Horeb WI.  Competition will be held after the Train To Hunt event Saturday, June 29th.  Entry fee of $15 gets you entered into the calling competition along with a free WapitiWear shirt PLUS 15 entries to our Dream Gear Giveaway #2! Children (under 18) call for FREE! Prizes to be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.  Spectators are free and encouraged! We would love for everyone to come down and enjoy the event and see what WapitiWear and Train To Hunt is all about!  Tyrol Basin will have the bar open for food and drinks! Be sure to thank Train To Hunt and Tyrol Basin for such a great location and event!

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Whether you’re a flatlander, hunt out West, or past your prime, we want to make you a better hunter through fitness.

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Un-Guided Western Hunt Planner

Un-Guided DIY Hunting

WapitiWear started as an idea, the idea of east hunts west.  We were born and raised in tree stands and turkey blinds. From oak ridges to rich green alfalfa fields, nothing could prepare us for the adventure we were about to endure physically , mentally or financially.   We've spent countless hours and dollars in trial and error in the western hunting scene.  Being from the Midwest we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Many hard lessons were learned the hard way, about ourselves, our gear, and the game we hunted.  One thing is for sure. Those mountains are ruthless and they will tear you apart both physically and mentally. 

     Years went by as we started to develop a list of key pieces of gear that no western hunter should budget on. The problem is these items come at a price.  we understand that it is hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a 5-10 day hunt each year.  So we created our Gear Rental.  Top of the line gear at a fraction of the cost.  Try it before you buy it!

   Throughout these years of mixed success and failure we also became very good at finding elk and deer in any unit we hunted.  Once we learned the system they used to survive in these mountains we began to hone in on were to find the larger numbers and better quality bulls and bucks.  We have now developed a system of our own putting us on game the first day in the field.  WapitiWear has chosen to teach you our system at a fraction of the cost of hiring a guide.  We understand the pride and joy of conquering those mountains yourself, just let us point you in the right direction with our e-scouting packages.

WapitiWear is about helping hunters be more successful. Contact us today to start planning your western hunt.  We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable season!

Our Mission

WapitiWear has become aware of, and supports, the growing interest in Do-It-Yourself western hunting.  Years ago we were standing in your shoes, wondering where to start and where to go.  Today we find ourselves repeating "If only we would have known then what we know now!"  .  Many find it necessary to fail many years to deserve success. Many believe you need to "learn the hard way".   Here at WapitiWear we believe anyone who shares this passion of those mountains deserves to be successful the first year. Our mission is to increase your chances, increase your success, and give you years of experience and knowledge getting you on elk faster for a more enjoyable season.

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Gear Rental

E-Scouting Packages



Our Basic package gets you where the elk are. Together we will choose a unit and talk key areas within. We will identify within the unit the 4 basics to our system, food, water, bedding, and security.  Once an area is found we will then teach you how to pick it apart finding those drainages and basins that hold game time after time. Be confident this fall that you will be hunting where the elk are using our years of experience and knowledge.

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Our Elite package gives you the basic package with the addition of an 24"x 36" topographical map with color coded areas identifying what we discussed during our consultation. Giving you a hard copy of our proven system with potential bedding, feeding, water holes, and wallows. This map will also include suggested campsites with access to and from hunting areas. We give you the playbook to success for the actual area you plan to hunt this fall. Let us shorten that learning curve and get you ahead of the game. Pun intended. 

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Elite Plus+

Our Elite Plus+ is our ultimate package getting putting you in one of our proven honey holes! These are areas we have personally hunted getting you pictures of access points, terrain, campsites, bedding areas, wallows, and any elk sign. What sets the Elite Plus+ package apart from other e-scouting is that we will also be hanging trail cameras in that location giving you live feed of the bulls you will be chasing this fall.  The key to success is knowing your game, and the Elite Plus+ does just that.

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